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Hellooooooooooooo DreamWidth!
I've been gone far too long, haven't I?
I think a lot of my interests have changed as well.
I'll make a list of new and old fandoms I'll write for then start sending in some prompts~
-Wander Over Yonder
-Over the Garden Wall
-Don't Starve
-OFF (game)
-Rick and Morty (<- fyi this one's a "maybe")
-(Generally any monsters or aliens even if they're OCs in some gore/sick fic)

Updates on types of fics I'll write~
-Still nothing too pornographic but I can write a lil bit of something nsfw it wont be much
-Sick fics
-Anything involving parasites, diseases, trypophilia, and the like...
-Torture fics
-I'm disgusting

Anywhoo send some in or whatever I'll write a thing
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Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja
Wander Over Yonder

i've started to write a lot more lately and would love some more gore/sick fic prompts!
if anyone has any prompts of the like, i'll write em!

#gore, #snuff, #consensual killing, #torture, #vomit, #emetophobia, #emetophilia, #starvation, #disease, #character death, #general horror

i tend to get detailed in my writings, a fair warning, so it won't just be something like "that happened" i will go out of my way to try and place myself in the position of whatever character and get so descriptive that you might could feel/smell/hear/taste whatever happens.
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hey all, just wantin to let you know there are other fandoms i will write for!
these include:
Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja
Wander Over Yonder
... and maybe some others, since i don't watch that much television. send me a message with a fandom or something, i might look into it and write for it!

keep this in mind though, i will NOT write ANYTHING pornographic. i'm sorry, but it makes me uncomfortable! if you send a message or prompt asking for something pornographic, i'll delete it. i WILL write gore, sick fics, torture fics, violent stuff, etc. just... nothing having to do with sex.
another thing about me writing fics: i'm slow! i work at my own pace and since i have school, music lessons, choir practice, horseback riding, voice acting workshops, art, and more, i probably wont get to your prompt right away! it may take a few days, maybe two weeks. sorry! i'm a busy person!

THAT BEING SAID, thank you for taking time to read this and have a great day, alright? alright!


Oct. 16th, 2013 08:44 am
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hhhhh..... i finished my first prompt hhhhh.......
[takes breath from inhaler]
read it if u want.....
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i'm new here. i'm so new i'm a tiny baby infant.
i also get confused easily someone help with the how-to.


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